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In another world, in the age of wonder... a website for all dark crystal worshippers, both for resistance fighters and lords of thra. The beauty and purity of gelfling mixed with hunger and power of the skeksis. I hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through many articles, essays, and graphics, as well as specifically secluded place for artists.

skekMal: Ryan is amazing friend and writer and made mr ship Ekt/Ayuk and I am really proyd he decided to fill this interview :>

  1. How long have you be drawing and writing?

Technically, since I was a child! I don’t remember my life before fanart and fanfiction, and original stuff too, I spent a lot of time drawing and writing when I was little and I never quit even though I never wanted to make a career out of it. Most of what I’ve written is unpublished, shared only with my best friends or with my mom, who has always been very supportive of my hobbies.

  1. What inspired you to create when you started?

I’ve always had a very active imagination and I simply couldn’t stop creating. I was always inspired by other people’s work, from stuff on tv to things I learned about in school. I remember learning about different historical periods and coming up with stories that might have happened then. I was inspired by ancient myths too, and fairytales.

  1. Favorite settings, characters, and dynamics you like to create about?

My favorite setting is definitely fantasy. I enjoy characters who inspire me to want to get to know them better, usually bookish types such as wizards. I also like to think about powerful women such as queens and witches. And villains, they’re so much fun to think about!

As for dynamics, I often like to write about siblings, which is funny because I don’t have any, I like to write about romantic couples, but also very solitary characters who stay single because that’s what they prefer. I also like to create sidekick characters and friends for my main characters.

  1. Fave TDC character and why you love them?

SkekEkt! If he didn’t exist in canon, and if I had to make a Skeksis oc, it would be him. I love him first of all because of his occupation, which is something I also indulge in as a hobby. I have always loved the world of fashion and makeup and beauty in general. I love his outfit and his appearance, and I love the fact that he’s the one who made the clothes of every other Skeksis as well, which is beyond impressive to me. I love his fun personality, I love how dramatic he is, and full of life. He just wants to live a life of creation and to adorn himself and his fellow Skeksis with beautiful things.

  1. Favorite TDC race?

The Skeksis, definitely! I love their desperate attempt to cling to life and their intense passion for everything they do, and the fact that they created a very complex society and culture for themselves out of nothing.

  1. Which gelfling clan you like most?

Grottan! They look to me like they have the most fun!

  1. When you saw TDC for the first time and what captivated you?

In September 2019! I didn’t grow up with the movie, and sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to know about it since I was little, what sort of stories I would have come up with then! I was immediately captivated by the design of the Skeksis, and most importantly, their elaborate clothing. If the Skeksis had worn simpler robes or armor or anything else than these very complex and layered robes, I probably would have forgotten all about the story!

  1. I Favorite TDC fics you like to read, or plots you like to find most in the fics?

I like to read romance fics but I also enjoy adventure and travel fics, and definitely anything about everyday Castle life and Skeksis culture.

  1. If you could travel Thra, who you would be?

I would love to be a Skeksis if I could!

  1. How long it takes you to write fanfic chapter/create a drawing?

Most of my drawings take very little to make. I spend very little time on them on purpose so I don’t get lost in the details. The more time I spend on a drawing, the more likely it is that I will never finish it. I mostly do simple sketches now, with no intention of inking and coloring them.

Writing usually takes a long time for me, but recently I’ve been writing a lot faster. A chapter might take me a day or two.

  1. What you find most pleasing in creating art?

The simple act of taking something from my imagination and making it exist in the world independently from me, where I can share it with others.