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In another world, in the age of wonder... a website for all dark crystal worshippers, both for resistance fighters and lords of thra. The beauty and purity of gelfling mixed with hunger and power of the skeksis. I hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through many articles, essays, and graphics, as well as specifically secluded place for artists.

skekMal: I really was hyped to interview the wonderful person that is Nukamira. We are friends for quite the time and we share a lot of views on the skeksis and gelling :> If you like to know her better, this Tumblr is the best way to start!

How long have you be drawing and writing?
I’m Drawing since the Kindergarten, but Anime and Manga since 2006 🙂
I hade some breaks for one or two years. And Since 2009 I’m Writing some Various Fanfictions.

What inspired you to create when you started?
Animes! Especially Yu-Gi-Oh! I thought I can draw it too and so I tried it. And now it’s the same Seeing nice Movies or hearing inspiring music. Helps me to create Art.

Favorite settings, characters and dynamics you like to create about?
Ohhh that’s different..but I would say it’s the fantasy Setting, I love the idea of a World, where nothing is limited and everything is Possible! I‘m always trying to make different characters, I like it to make them unique but I would say I’m going with strong woman haha. But I don’t have a special dynamic in it.

3 fave TDC character and why you love them?

He is the Emperor, You must love him!
Skekso is a really Sad Figure, he seems to be Powerful and his Mood is always changing in seconds, but behind his cruelty, you can see it.
The emperor is afraid of the dead and tries everything to stop this process.
It’s ironic that he experiments with the darkening what makes his body rotten faster. And he is more and more desperate, poor soul!

I just love him! He is so charming and has a calm aura.
Sadly we didn’t know much about the Sandmaster. I’m really curious about The relationship between him and the Hunter.

She is such a beautiful and Lovely Gelfling, she saw Jen and immediately helped him. Even when she didn’t know him, she is just a good soul.

Favorite TDC race?
Firelings! A race I found out of last past weeks. They are from the Sequels Power of the Crystal Series. They seem so interesting!

Which gelfling clan you like most?
Dousan they Are all so Aesthetic and they have really nice traditions.

When you saw TDC for the first time and what captivated you?

Thra itself! Everything was so magical!
I was caught in this wonderful wonderful world and everything seems so nice.
Especially I’m in love with the Skeksis haha.

Favorite TDC fics you like to read, or plots you like to find most in the fics?
I haven’t read yet fanfics, just yours :> and I love it! I’m always a fan of it when every canon character in Character is. Nothing is worse than a SkekMal who likes collecting flowers and Pet animals or?

If you could travel Thra, who you would be?
The whole world! Why just visiting only one place when you can be everywhere?

How long it takes you to write fanfic chapter/create a drawing?
That’s different for Drawing I need between three and ten hours. It depends on the details I put into it. Writing chapters needs one or two days, I’m slower in writing. But only when I have the flow for it.

What you find most pleasing in creating art?
Bringing my Characters to Life! Showing others their Story.
It makes me happy when people can relate to my ocs, and feel with them.
When they share all the emotions with them, Happiness, Sadness and being angry.
And it’s a pleasure to make other people happy with my art, especially with Art Trades.