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In another world, in the age of wonder... a website for all dark crystal worshippers, both for resistance fighters and lords of thra. The beauty and purity of gelfling mixed with hunger and power of the skeksis. I hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through many articles, essays, and graphics, as well as specifically secluded place for artists.
  Pursuing Shadows   //     skekMal   //     07 Apr 2020

I added a VERY good fic to the fanfiction list!

My friend Midnight allowed me to link to her Tumblr, where she stores the chapters… go check it out, it’s really inspiring and great!

  First artist interviewed!   //     skekMal   //     04 Apr 2020

I interviewed a very good – amazing – Dark Crystal artist, Midnight!

Check her replies to my questions, here!

  First fics!   //     skekMal   //     02 Apr 2020

So, I uploaded my fanfiction on the site and art, as well. It’s not all my fanfiction, but some of them are adult, so I probably link to those to AO3, so people could choose if they want to read them, or not.

The art is only my recent one, but you can find more on my deviantART, username: skekMal :>

Soon, some info on the movie and the guests arts!

  From the Hunter   //     skekMal   //     26 Mar 2020

Hello, skeksis, gelfling, urRu, and all other Thra creatures. I just started this website, to fill any gap that was created in my heart after finishing watching TDC for 100th time, waiting for the 2nd season of the show.

I want this place to be a safe area for all Dark Crystal fans and fanatic and collect some awesome content!

From the almost daily posts, galleries and graphics, fiction and art, feel free tp contribute :> I will reply to all questions and asks by my mail skekmal.skeksis @

Enjoy TDC goodness!

The website awakens, so is skekMal