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In another world, in the age of wonder... a website for all dark crystal worshippers, both for resistance fighters and lords of thra. The beauty and purity of gelfling mixed with hunger and power of the skeksis. I hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through many articles, essays, and graphics, as well as specifically secluded place for artists.

Here are various silly and not-at-all silly things for our visitors :> If you know something, some page with quizzes or anything like that, drop me a line :>


The Dark Crystal Fanclub

You can sign up here if you like the original movie.

Skeksis fanclub

Join if you like the Lords of the Crystal

skekMal fanclub

For all fans of the deadly Hunter


Made for me by bubonicbimbo on tumblr!

skekMal and Rek’yr hunt together

skekMal forgot to take meds

skekMal is so bothered by my gelfling OC, Gie… maybe