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In another world, in the age of wonder... a website for all dark crystal worshippers, both for resistance fighters and lords of thra. The beauty and purity of gelfling mixed with hunger and power of the skeksis. I hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through many articles, essays, and graphics, as well as specifically secluded place for artists.
  Fan Profile of Ryan   //     skekMal   //     16 Jul 2020

Hello all! I added beautifully written profile of Ryan, my good friend from tumblr. Follow the link to read and thank you, Ryan, for answers!

  skekMal recordings!   //     skekMal   //     10 Jul 2020

BubonicBimbo on Tumblr made for me a few very good and amusing skekMal recordings and I am happy to present them in for guests section.

They are very well narrated, I love them! Check them out!

  Content   //     skekMal   //     08 Jul 2020

I started working on the non-artistic content of TDC :>

If you have your opinions anbout the film, series, or characters, send them my way at I will love to place them here!

For now I work on the 1982 film in “watching tdc” section. You can see it grow!

  My art   //     skekMal   //     16 May 2020

I added and replaced some art on my artistic page. Please, if you want to share your art, I will link your drawings to your social media pages :>

I really want to gather more artists!

  Dena’s Fics   //     skekMal   //     12 May 2020

I have been slowly reading and adding Dena’s fics – they are really good and I highly recommend them! You can find them in the fics section now.

  Fanclubs for skeks   //     skekMal   //     07 May 2020

I managed to build and add the fanclubs for S K E K S I S and all’s favorite Hunter, S K E K M A L :>

I struggled with sickness last two weeks, hopefully, updates will keep coming.

  Many new things!   //     skekMal   //     18 Apr 2020


I managed to have a lot of things done, which hopefully grow in the future.

First of all, a new fic, by Dondena, Village Capture – go, check it out!

And section with graphics started! I added first avatars and skeksis edits (with silly eyes heh).

I hope you like all of these!

  The TDC movie fanclub   //     skekMal   //     15 Apr 2020

So I made this!

The Dark Crystal Fanclub

Just join, if you like the original TDC film and show your pride :>

  Fanfics by Dondena   //     skekMal   //     15 Apr 2020

I added two fanfics featuring skekSil the Chamberlain by Dondena! :>

The first, Chamberlain’s Life Changing and the revised, changed version of the fic, skekSil’s Life Changing.

Go read them in fanfiction section, they are really good!

  Another fan artist!   //     skekMal   //     09 Apr 2020

I interviewed my amazing friend, Nukamira !

She creates such cool stories set on Thra, her story about skekSo and gelfling Saria caught me immediately :> Go check her answers!